Urban Decay Electric Palette | Purple Eyes and Lips | Charleston Makeup Artist

Charleston makeup Artist www.makeupbyginny.com
Instagram @GinnyCharlestonMakeupArtist

Makeup used in this look:
Pop Face Magnet
La Mer Foundation in Sand
Urban Decay Electric Palettte
Makeup For Ever purple ME 912 Skyblue D 206
MAC Boom Boom Room Dazzle Shadow
MAC Night Moth liner
Salon Perfect Lashes in 615
Estee Lauder Mascara Sumptuous Volume
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind In Brightener
Estee Lauder Rejuv Loose Powder
Maybelline Brow Powder in Brunette
Urban Decay lipstick in Speedball
Smashbox Spotlight highlight palette in Pearl
Stila Convertible lip and cheek palette Sunrise Splendor


  1. Krystal Waldo says:

    Hi Ginny,  Beautiful  love this look.  your hair is  Gorgeous:)

    • Charleston Makeup Artist ǀ Ginny Brogan says:

      Hi Krystal! Taco says to say hi to Farrah. Hope you two are well. Taco is excited that all the snow is gone and he can get back to his regular walks in the morning.

  2. Rockysmom1234 says:

    Eyes look AMAZING! Love the whole look.

    • Charleston Makeup Artist ǀ Ginny Brogan says:

      Thank you. I am going to do a more wearable look next. I just couldn’t help myself when all those vibrant colors in the electric palette kept saying, “USE ME!”

  3. Beguile Me says:

    I think you nailed it! You know I own the UD Electric palette and have never used it. You have given me the confidence try a look. Keep your fingers crossed. Ginny you save your Gucci slides for the trash men, c’mon! 🙂

    • Beguile Me says:

      Lol! Exactly! I have to figure out what shoes to wear for the UPS man.

    • Charleston Makeup Artist ǀ Ginny Brogan says:

      Maybe it’s an alliteration thing…Gucci for the garbage men and Fendi for the Fedex men…UPS? Pucci for the post man.

  4. Carrie Lee says:

    Very Pretty in Purple!

    • Charleston Makeup Artist ǀ Ginny Brogan says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you like it. I will be doing another purple look today. Something a little more wearable though.

  5. The White Labradors says:

    The purple looks great on you…is there a color you don’t look good in, lol? Your skin goes with everything! ps, is this too personal? What does your finger tattoo mean? Is it just a pretty design or does it have a particular meaning. I think it is very boho.

    • The White Labradors says:

      I think it is VERY authentic to your personality. I like it!!

    • Charleston Makeup Artist ǀ Ginny Brogan says:

      It means I had a middle aged crisis and I wanted a tattoo and I came up with something and drove over to the bad part of town and said, “Tattoo me a blue daisy.” The blue is faded. I have thought about making it into something else, but Pat and Patrick both like the flower. So… it means nothing, except I had a lapse in judgement and was trying to be cool.

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