Uneven Lips Makeup TRICKS

Uneven Lips Makeup TRICKS
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So If you have uneven lips – I think it looks very cool and there shouldn’t be this idea in the world that things HAVE TO BE EVEN!
It’s not true. It has to be as it is. Gorgeous and unique.
However if I get requests – I try to help.
Let say someone has uneven lips after lip fillers or injections or lip surgery gone wrong. Or they just want to make a surgery to fix uneven lips, but maybe my tips will help not to lie under a knife. I hope so. So the certain makeup technique can be in the middle of your way to accept yourself. First you correct it with makeup – and in some time you won’t even need it at all – you will love what you have naturally!

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  1. melovetolaugh says:

    And I thought Shakira follows Ashley Tisdale’s step to be a beauty guru youtuber

  2. Jack Black says:

    DearAly, you’re my favourite beautie youtuber and I love allyour videos. Hope you will get the attention you deserve soon. May i ask you if you could look at a photo(or a few if that helps) of me and tell me which type I am? That would be so lovely, because I really dont get it. 🙁 For a natural I am to short, my nose is to big for a romantic I guess(and I do not know if my waistline counts as hourglass, since I am overweight)…my eyes to small for a gamine…I am helpless 🙁

  3. Mrs Pistachio says:

    Your videos are the best….I wish I was this good at it on my channel. But i have a lot to learn so for now I will watch in awe♡♡♡♡♡

  4. Krista Jordan says:

    Love this! My entire is face is uneven. Could you do a how-to on how to correct other things like brows and eye looks when your face is uneven? Tia. Love your vids!

  5. manel manel says:

    Would love to see an irina shayk transformation

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