Top Foundations In India

Top Foundations In India
I am a makeup up lover and being an Indian Youtuber I do get to try a lot of foundations and test them out and see which foundation is best for Indian skintones.
In this video I am going to list down my top 5 foundations in India which are easily available in India.
These are in no particular order I like them all. I do have one which is my most favourite and that is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.
Here are all the foundations mentioned in the video.
1. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 230 : This foundation is a hot seller and favorite among Indians, because its readily available and affordable and is full coverage matte finish foundation.
2. Milani Conceal Perfect Foundation : Sand Beige Its available on Nykaa and is one of the best foundations in the market.
3. MAC Prolong Wear Waterproof Foundation : Satin finish foundation perfect for all skin types.
4. NYX HD foundations: This foundation gives the most beautiful finish to the skin.
5. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup Foundation : The best foundation there is. Full coverage and flawless.
Thank you for watching Glammegal. I hope you enjoy watching my videos. Do leave below in the comments section, video ideas you might want to see from me.


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