The Ordinary Coverage Foundation Review (It Ain’t Pretty) | Makeup Your Mind

Trying out the much hyped The Ordinary Coverage Foundation!

– I’m so sorry, but I this was filmed about 3 or 4 weeks ago and I don’t have any idea what’s on my face at all!

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  1. themakeup enthusiast says:

    This got really oily on me and looked cakey at the end of the day. I even set it with powder and it still got cakey. I also found that it was good up to a point and then it went down hill super quickly.

  2. Danielle says:

    Did you also get the serum foundation to try? I’ve been using that for awhile and it’s very matte, almost too matte which can be a problem if you’re combination/dry.

    • Makeup Your Mind says:

      They had like… zero of the serums. That was the one I wanted to try but they had no stock anywhere close to my shade. Bah.

  3. fluores says:

    For some reason I love hearing about the products you dislike lol. I didn’t like it either. For me, it made my skin look dry and textured yet was shiny at the same time. Totally transferred off my nose as well in no time.

    • Makeup Your Mind says:

      I saw your review today as well! How come we’re all coming out of the woodwork now? People lovvvved this stuff before!!

  4. Brenda Penton says:

    I have been so on the fence about the two foundations. I’ve heard they have coconut oil derivatives in them and my skin and coconut oil do not get along.

    • Makeup Your Mind says:

      You’re right – someone mentioned to me that the coconut oil is what’s causing the issue. I’ve never tried plain coconut oil on my face before so I have no idea how I’d react to that, but it does not sound appealing by what you said of it!

    • Brenda Penton says:

      Ohh and I should add that coconut oil does similar on my skin like the foundation did to you…it looks shiny/oily but dries me out.

  5. aleeza butler says:

    This foundation broke me out and the skin care ☹ I wanted to love their products.

    • Makeup Your Mind says:

      I wanted to love it. 🙁 So many people love their products and I’m just here like “but why though?”. Sad face.

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