Tae Yeon’s ‘Why’ Unicorn Makeup! SNSD’s Makeup Artist! – Ok!Beauty Season 2 Episode 7

The makeup artist, Seo Ok of Ok!Beauty,/ who is in charge of SNSD’s makeup
Revealing the makeups that were requested the most and
Teach Ok’s unrevealed 12 secrets!
7th of the 12 Secrets!
Teaching you the Tae Yeon’s ‘Why’ unicorn makeup/ that was requested the most from social media and the comments!
Transform into a mysterious goddess like Tae Yeon,/ with her mysterious unicorn makeup!


  1. Chayanis Lee says:

    Yay! I thought you stopped making video after some bad comments 🙁

  2. pianososhi says:

    Do you guys know if she’s also Red Velvet’s make up artist?

  3. Rizki Fitriana says:

    The steps are so easy and the result also looks really pretty ㅠㅠ

  4. Yolanda Chen says:

    Wow her skin is flawless!

  5. 황다빈 says:

    태연 아송페 메이크업 해주세여 ㅠㅠ

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