NEW Wet n Wild Makeup | Cushion Foundation, Eye Shadow Palettes, Brow Pencil + More!

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  1. Sephra Rae says:

    I wish Wet N Wild had this large of a selection back when I was in high school a couple years ago and just getting started with makeup. I wish these came out a bit sooner that way I could get some for my younger cousins who are just getting into makeup I think these are a good deal.

  2. Kathy Rivera says:

    I got the new brushes and I love them!! I want to try these products u just reviewed next so thank u!

  3. Erica Pelayo says:

    That brow pencil looks like my kind of pencil I’ll have to pick that up for sure. I really wanted to try out the rose gold brushes they look so pretty

  4. Erica Pelayo says:

    I can’t wait till my local Walmart carries these new products so I can use coupons too lol

    • xochitl carmona says:

      Yes! Hope so! Gotta save as much money and then more makeup!! Or bills 😒. But you get makeup too everyone wins 😁

  5. Catherine Junio says:

    I got mine at CVS today. 🙂 The cushion can be popped out like korean cushions. Maybe they’ll have a refill in the future, or cute containers with different designs.

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