Mixing translucent powder with foundation ‘Makeup Hack’

Hi every one here is part 2 of today’s makeup Hacks I decided to mix my foundation with translucent powder…. what do you all think????


  1. Mindy Clark says:

    What primer would u recommend for large pores and redness

  2. Lisa Colozzo says:

    Love watching you and thanks for trying out the hack! 😍

  3. Tracy Blakstad says:

    Ashley you’re so beautiful!

  4. Holly Fulford says:

    Babe every time I watch someone besides you: “that better be ashley, you can’t watch anyone else. She’s the only one that matters “. We legit love tf outta you, beautiful. ♥️ jeep doing what you’re doing and keep your head up!! Also, about the migraines, get your daith pierced. I had migraines so bad I was at the er days in a row and when I got it done, instant pressure release and to this day, it’s a life saver! Had it almost 2 years now. ♥️

  5. Donna Rymer says:

    Love watching you do your makeup! Beautiful results! But I think it is not necessary for you to add the powder with the foundation…Loved the big brush that you used for your bronzer. What brand is it? You rock!💕

    • Ashley Rodarte says:

      Donna Rymer ya i agree it was not worth it 😣 and for the brush i got it from my swap meet there is no brand 😫😫 but i believe Murphy has the same ones for cheep ❤️❤️

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