Makeup Tips for Glasses + Tutorial

Ever wonder if there are makeup rules for girls with glasses? Join me as I share some of my tips for wearing makeup with glasses. I’m also sharing a tutorial for a look I’ve been loving lately!

Instagram: @stephandless


  1. Anastasia Tsvetaeva says:

    I am so happy you made this video 🙂 I started wearing makeup only last year becuase I noticed my eyes looked much smaller under the glasses. I already use some recomendations you made but I think it is a great idea to brigten all the eye area very much, this is so nice 🙂 I should try that tomorrow too! Maybe I will use a light powder under my eyes and put shimmery silver in the inner corner. I also like using fuscia or pink lipstick, it looks very good for spring and with my dark green glasses pink looks very good.

  2. Rainbow3264 says:

    What frames are those that you have? They are gorgeous!! I loved the tips as well (:

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