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Hi Thanks for watching!
I am decluttering my makeup ready for a house move! I am trying to be ruthless and get rid of as much as I can to make way for new items!

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  1. Emma Louise says:

    That was a good declutter! I think I need to be like you when it comes to decluttering my own make up x

    • AllThingsKerri says:

      Emma Louise it seems to be the new thing I’m buying! But I used to love lipsticks so I have a fair few!

    • Emma Louise says:

      AllThingsKerri I’m the same especially with eyeshadow palettes 😩, good luck with the lipsticks you can do it lol

    • AllThingsKerri says:

      Emma Louise I’m trying to be ruthless! I wasn’t as successful with the eyeshadows and stuff and I think I might really have to push myself when it comes to lipstick!

  2. Victoria Laurenxox says:

    Yaaaas! You did so fucking good πŸ˜€ Love how ruthless you were xo

    • Victoria Laurenxox says:

      AllThingsKerri ooo make a video with that for sure 😊 I don’t think it matters when they go up 😁 xx

    • AllThingsKerri says:

      Victoria Laurenxox eyeshadow is filmed I don’t know whether to space them out a bit πŸ€” I’ve also found some Cyprus footage and don’t know what to do with it now

    • Victoria Laurenxox says:

      AllThingsKerri I can’t wait to see the rest 😍 xx

    • AllThingsKerri says:

      Victoria Laurenxox haha I was pretty good with that drawer it’s going to be lipsticks and my makeup bags I find more difficult – skincare should be an easy one

  3. Sophie Louise Loves Life says:

    You did great hun xx

  4. Blonde Elle says:


  5. MissAmyxo says:

    Nice work!!! Always a good feeling to declutter more!

    • AllThingsKerri says:

      MissAmyxo it feels really great to be getting rid of stuff! Will make moving house much easier with less makeup

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