Lancome Foundation Stick Review Fall Mens Makeup

Hey guys so with the fall time upon us, here is a simplified version of the makeup suitable for men and all skin types but especially those with oily skin. Enjoy. This product was sent to me for free by lancome via octoly for review.

Revive Ice Roller by Vanity Planet

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Product name: Groove | Rejuvenating Scalp Massager by Vanity Planet
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Product name: Flow by Vanity Planet
Direct Link:
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  1. psr076 says:

    Hair in fleek and skin looks flawless .

  2. Achieve Change says:

    I love you, your hair, and your creative videos! But may I may one small request. Will you please stop purposely stuttering when you say “back with another video?”

  3. Bladen Online says:

    Curly Guy is awesome!

  4. Beverly J says:

    You do not need foundation.

  5. Alicia Boxill says:

    Your hair is like woah😍

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