Innisfree – Smart Foundation and Makeup Blender – Review and First Impression

Comparing the Innisfree Smart Foundation Long lasting and Water Balancing and testing out the Makeup Blender primer. Watch this video to know more about this product and my thoughts about it.


1.Smart Makeup Blender (Shimmer) 01:27

– This is the primer I used all over my face. Another way of using this makeup blender is to mix it with your foundation before applying it. This product gives you that luminescent look, kinda like a soft holographic look, which is really amazing!

2. Smart Foundation – Long Lasting (Shade #23) 03:28 / 04:01

– This foundation is in liquid form. Texture is very light on the face and has a light to medium coverage. Doesn’t cover my blemishes but I love that it is light on my skin.

3. Smart Foundation – Water Balancing (Shade #23) 03:28 / 04:30

– Same as the long lasting, it is in liquid form but looks thicker compared to the long lasting. This feels heavier and thicker on the face compared to the long lasting one. It has a medium to heavy coverage. Only down side is the shade selection because they only have 3 shades and the darkest shade still doesn’t match my skin color.

I hope this is very helpful to you guys and I leave me a comment if you have any questions! 🙂


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This is not a sponsored video and I am not getting paid for this review. This is my own personal and honest review of the product for general viewing! Enjoy!

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