Dermacol Foundation Wear Test & Review

Today we’re going to be testing out the Dermacol foundation! This video has 3 wear tests with different application methods, swatches, and my review on this product.

I’m not sure if this company is cruelty free, their animal testing policy isn’t completely clear. I bought this before I decided to go cruelty free, but it does say at least that this particular product wasn’t tested on animals.

I ordered mine from ebay here:


Random question – Is anyone else super excited for Game of Thrones tonight?!
It’s my favorite show at the moment (and I love the books too!). What tv shows are you loving right now?


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  1. Vickie M. says:

    Did you know that this product is used as stage makeup? Although some people on YT use this as a concealer because of the degree of coverage it offers. Awesome video; I appreciate how through you are. You have a beautiful complexion! 🤗

    • Amanda D. says:

      Vickie M. Yes I knew it was developed for film/stage makeup! I don’t like super full coverage usually but I still wanted to try it out, I’m addicted to foundation haha. I will use it as concealer but not all over my face for every day looks. Thanks so much for watching 🙂

  2. lSnazzle Frazz says:

    great review! and yess i am excited for game of thrones tonight! 😀 I’m currently on book 4 A Feast for Crows

    • Amanda D. says:

      lSnazzle Frazz Thank you! Ahhh I can’t want for the next book if it ever comes out lol. I need to go back and read the others again

  3. Shit fuck says:

    Omg you look so pretty today!

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