Beauty Blender Tips: Everything You Need to Know & More! | Beauty with Susan Yara

Ask anyone makeup lover what they’re favorite beauty tool is and almost all of them will say it’s a Beauty Blender (beautyblender). That’s why we put together the ultimate guide on how to properly use one, how to clean it, and even ways to recycle it when the time comes. Watch this video to see all of my favorite Beauty Blender tips and add your best tips in the comments below!

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  1. Rebecca Workman says:

    I use mine to apply self tanner to my collar bone and cheek bones for some definition!

  2. Sarah Kwak says:

    I love my beauty blender!!

  3. Sabrina Metwally says:

    Cleaning once a…week?Do You feel those bacterias? 😢

  4. Cassie Vos says:

    rachhloves cut her beauty blender in half and the inside looked so fresh, like brand new, helps get some more uses out of your used beauty blender

  5. Sarah Rose says:

    great tips. thanks 4 the video

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