5 Eye Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers | New Glasses!

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Wearing glasses doesn’t mean your eye makeup has to suffer. There is a tonne of makeup tips you can utilise to look bomb in your favourite spectacles.

I was inspired to create this video today because my new glasses from Firmoo arrived! I am in love with the clear frame and gold detailing, and the fact that they are big enough to fit my fat head, yet still very delicate and stylish.

I’ve come up with my top 5 tips for making your eyes look amazing in glasses.  

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  1. Jim Boice says:

    Your new glasses look really great on you and they seem to fit your “fat head” very well. I’m not sure why you think you have a fat head, it looks very well porportioned to me. I really love that your glasses hardly cover much of your lovely face at all because they are transparent and a rather thin frame as well. The gold bridge and temples really make them very classy and elegant. I am a retired optician and i only see one thing wrong with your glasses. They need to be adjusted or fitted because they are sitting too high on your nose. That causes the top of your5 glasses to cover your eyebrows. You never want your glasses covering your eyebrows. It is an easy fix but best to be done by a professional. So you can take your glasses to any optical store and ask them to fit them for you. There won’t be any charge and it will only take a few minutes to make your glasses fit even better for you. Are you’re glasses prescription or non-prescription?

  2. Helena Phillips says:

    Great advice! The glasses look great x

  3. Joshua LINDSAY says:

    This helped me so much!

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