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Ah, foundation. The Holy Grail of makeup. I believe in spending money on makeup brushes and a good foundation. Foundation comes in lots of different colours, textures and coverages. What matters most TO YOU are the coverage and texture. You need a texture that you like. There are amazing foundations out there in all price ranges and i have given you a list below of excellent foundations that are within most budgets. Please check them out 🙂

With so many claims being thrown around by the cosmetics companies you would think they could preform miracles.


Toning skin
Firming skin
Fighting spots/blemishes
Light reflecting particles
Wrinkle reducing

The claims are endless but they have nothing to really back them up.

Skin “appears” more lifted. It always “appears” “seems” nothing concrete. Just vague words used to entice us.

What we really want (in my opinion) are more colour choices. More shades. Definitely more shades for very pale and very deep skin tones. These women exist too – and yet the cosmetics companies believe they don’t. Women should with very pale or very deep skin tones shouldn’t have to shop in speciality stores – they should be able to go to a department store or drug store and find a foundation that is light or dark enough for their skin tone.

More colour. Less claims. What do you think?


Great foundations that i like are:

Mehron Foundation

Mac Full coverage Foundation

Make up for ever HD foundation

Make up for ever face & body foundation

Kett foundation


Bismuth Oxycholoride is mostly manufactured synthetically. The International Cosmetic In- gredient Dictionary and Handbook, Eleventh Edition, 2006, lists bismuth oxychloride as a synthetic. So much for mineral makeup being the natural solution to applying foundation and creating a flawless face!
Actually, bismuth is chemically similar to arsenic. That is more shocking than significant, but that kind of fact is similar to what mineral makeup companies use to make you scared of the ingredients in other powders not deemed “mineral makeup.” Just like cosmetic grade mineral oil is not related to the crude petroleum from which it originates, neither is bismuth oxychloride identical to bismuth and therefore, the arsenic association is irrelevant. So the bismuth oxychloride used in cosmetics is indeed non-toxic.
Unlike titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, bismuth oxychloride can cause slight skin irritation (Source: www.sciencelab.com/ xMSDS-Bismuth_oxychloride-9923103). Although talc has the same potential for slight irritation, bismuth oxychloride is more likely to cause an allergic contact dermatitis due to its pearles- cent nature (Source: www.emedicine.com/derm/topic502.htm). This is more of a concern when bismuth oxychloride is the main ingredient in a cosmetic, as it is for many mineral makeups.
Taken from cosmeticscop.com

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